File Types

If you already have your designs on computer, it is more than likely that they are usable in our computer cutting systems. You can e-mail them to us for processing.

Please E-mail your files to

We can accept various file types from either Apple Macintosh or PC compatible computers.

The file types we can accept are:

.scv (Scanvec) Used in a Signage program called Casmate.

.eps vector (Encapsulated Post Script) Post Script is actually a language computer printers use. Can contain Vectors and bitmaps.

.ps (Same as .eps)

.cdr (Corel Draw)

.dxf : is mainly from the AutoCAD background.


There are others, but these are the most common. If you have anything different please ring us.
The thing which all of these files have in common is the they are all types of vector files.