Care for Country

Mission Statement

To acknowledge that the original Australians had a unique culture which was more than 60,000 years old.

They believed the land was sacred and it was their purpose to pass it onto their children in exactly the same way as it was passed onto them.

Our modern Australian culture is money based and our complicated taxation system favours the fortunate over the less fortunate.

The original Australian culture endured because of its simplicity.  Our money-based culture is based on more than 140 different taxes explained over more than 9,000 pages.

Western culture, in 250 years, has amassed an Australian debt of over 630 billion dollars, that means we owe $25,200 each which is costing each one of our current population of 25 million, $720.00 in interest per year.

The best way for all of us in this modern era to care for country  is to reduce the Australian debt to zero and have the simplest and fairest taxation system in the world.


Care for Country

1. Acknowledge the debt we owe to the original Australians.

2. Protest against the appalling behaviour of some elected politicians.

3. Change the existing tax system so that every company and individual pays a fair share. The system as it stands favours the wealthy.

4. Create a plan for Australia’s population and prosperity for the next 100 years.

5. A robust democracy depends on active participation of all our citizens, otherwise we are doomed to be served by politicians (who are the puppets of) special interest groups and not for governing the good of the WHOLE of Australia.