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Custom Foam Packaging
Established 1969

Adfoam Industries Terms and Conditions


 1) All transactions should be prepayment (EFTPOS over the phone VISA, MASTERCARD, MASTRO), or as arranged, unless the client has traded with ADFOAM more than 6 times per annum.  If this condition can be fulfilled an account will be opened when a credit reference form is filled out by the client. Allow 1 week for processing. This form should be attached to your first account invoice if requested.

2) It is our company’s policy to finish orders subject to approval of sample. It is upto the client to test the prototype supplied matches his requirements.

3) All technical specifications supplied are given to us by appropriate supplier. Adfoam bears no responsibility in testing the material supplied for the specifications.

4) If the protoype supplied to the customer is different to what the customer desired, Adfoam would make the second prototype provided it uses the same amount of material and labour as quoted in the first run free of cost again. Any changes further would incur additional cost.

5) Tooling contribution paid by customer does not contribute to the transfer of ownership of  tools and knives to the customer.


Prompt service deserves prompt payment.


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